Ready to travel on your dream holiday but getting stuck by visa requirement?  At Westbound Travel, we make sure that our customers will find ease and cheer for their holidays. We select the best suppliers from different parts of travel industry to provide you the best holidays.



Our parter with its 25 years in the expertise will give you access to the most convenient and easiest system to obtain visas not only to Schengen countries but also to China, India or Russia. With the support of modern technology and a highly trained team behind, Prima can smooth the path of your application as well as enhance the possibility of success through 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Assess your requirements online. A list of requirement will be provided

STEP 2: Send your passport and documents to Westbound Travel’s partner office

STEP 3: Wait for your passport and visa to be returned to you

The advantages of using our partner service instead of going to the Embassy and VFS are:

  • Increasing high possibility of obtaining visa: with a dedicated and highly trained team behind, our partner will check every details on your application so you can reduce the chance of failure.
  • Avoiding queue: our partner with its long term established relationship can arrange you private appointment which sometimes only takes you 10 minutes to complete the application.


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