England is a large country and the most populous in the United Kingdom. It is the most influenced culture center in the world, well-known by diversified and special culture and long-standing history of grandiose architecture works. Morover, England is globally recognized as a nation with great love for football as well as famous football teams and the world’s most exciting leagues.

In addition, with the strait tunnel, reasonable flights, convenient ferry and boat system in England, it enables tourists to move easily to big cities or capitals around Europe.

Therefore, England is always an ideal travelling place for local and international tourists.

Big Ben with flag of United Kingdom in London UK

Top highlight sites to see

London capital, well-known all over the world by its grandiose architecture works.

Manchester city, famous for sports, particularly football

Liverpool, called as a culture city in Europe with its proud 800 years history

Other ancient and romantic cities around England: Bath, York, Edinburgh, Oxford…

Top highlight things to do

Enjoy traditional foods of Englands such as fish and chips, cottage pie…

Visit large football stadiums and enjoy live fascinating matches

Discover the world’s most beautiful museums without any entrance fee.

Come and see a cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO – Stonehenge rocks and contemplate amazing sunrise or sunset here.

Visit small, tranquil and charming towns or villages around England such as Bibury, Cotswolds,…

Season for travel

England has temperate maritime climate, no less than 0oC in winter and no more than 32oC in summer. There are 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has its unique features. Depending on the hobby and purpose, tourists can choose the best season for traveling to this country.

Spring: from March to May, tourists will have chance to see vast colorful flower fields, enjoy peaceful atmosphere hardly found in any where over the world.

Summer: from June to August, is the time of growing trees. Tourists are able to freely enjoy sceneries, go for a walk around parks or ride bicycle around calm lakes.

Autumn: from September to November, is the season of yellow and red from deciduous groves. Tourists can easily discover romantic, poetic and marvelous scenes of deciduous trees on the long street.

Winter: from December to February, is the season of big festivals (Christmas, Easter). Tourists can enjoy holidays, go skiing, shape snowmen, go shopping at extremely splendid shopping malls.

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